Smith Brothers Leather

Nothing adds richness and beauty to a room like a gorgeous leather. It has been used all over the world for thousands of years in any number of applications. Leather is durable, cleanable, and long-lasting, and brings a raw natural beauty that manufactured products simply cannot match.

However, because it is such a prized commodity, the leather industry has been very creative in recent decades. A global market, enhancements in available technology, and the constant battle for lower prices have created a huge range in leather types and qualities. There are bonded leathers, split leathers, polyurethane "leathers," and vinyl look-alikes. Today, simply because something looks or even feels like leather, does not mean it is.

At Smith Brothers, we only use top grain leather. We do not use split leather (the weaker, underside of the hide), and we never use leather-vinyl matches on our furniture. We also pay close attention to industry-standard tests to ensure each type of leather will meet the level of quality our customers have come to expect. 

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